The Disconcerted Boy


He lay awake in the dead of the night, and his eyes were ajar as though he could dissect through the thick, viscous darkness. Although tired, his mind wasn’t, and it raced hither and thither, making him contemplate on a host of issues. He thought he could be this or that, but all that was just in the making of his mind, which couldn’t let him catch the much-needed nap. “When will morning come?” He asked himself, but the answer to that question was not forthcoming. It was like an unknowing kid trying to solve a convoluted, unnerving mathematics matrix.

Watching from afar, you would tell that the boy’s problems were deeply rooted. Missing meals or eating food that was barely enough for the enzymes let alone the body’s cells was a mundane thing. But he was already used to that. His body had grown weak, and the stuck out ribs were a testament to the nutritional injustice that the boy was forced to endure. But he had learnt to make it through hunger-intensive days. He and his younger brother had found a spot in the forest with wild fruits, which would give their stomach something to hold on to until their father came from hunting, which would at times take days.
Last year, the village pastor preached hard about education. He praised education highly, asserting that it was the only key to the door to a wealthy and prosperous life. The evangelistic campaign that took a week or so was well attended, and the boy never missed as well. But who would take him to school? His father did not think of education as an anything important, and he brushed off his son the moment he mentioned about his wishes to go to school. That is what bothered the boy, and he lay awake, his mind mixed with desperation and ideas that would enable him access  education.


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