Nairobi, you are still beautiful

I recall how unbusy Nairobi was while I was little. I’d leave school and visit my dad’s workplace for a game of Mario, which was pretty advanced back then, before he and I could finally hit the road for our small village town Kandisi. It was simply beautiful.

Over the years though, the capital city of Kenya has gone from a humble town that was easily accessible to a congested business hub where everyone from the street guy to the co has to use the small ration of oxygen wisely. But it is still beautiful, of course depending on how you look at it.

Yesterday I spent more than an hour waiting for  someone, and I used the time to observe the busyness. It was beautiful. Seeing managers, business people, and jobless people (the high unemployment rate is really a factor in the congestion of the city) run up and down, brushing each other’s shoulders literally was beautiful. I just wished my boss would transfer me from the suburb workstation and have me right by his wing, right at the heart of Nairobi.


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