Ebola, One critical reason to raise sanitation standards in Africa

water kid

Africa is all over the news world over for a negative cause, once again. Like previous times, people are dying, not of hunger or civil war, but because of Ebola. Other parts of the world are also at risk of Ebola, but the focus is not in those countries as much as it is in Africa. Why? Because sanitation levels are low, and this promotes the spread of Ebola. President Obama and Africa’s ministers in ministries in charge of water share this opinion.

Although no data connecting Ebola outbreaks and water crises exist, the current Ebola crisis should have illuminated how poor access to water and sanitation facilities can exacerbate the deadly viral disease. African governments ought to learn from this scourge and accelerate investments that will increase access to water and sanitation. The Ebola crisis might be the price Africa has to pay for its negligence on water and sanitation. It also plays as a blessing in disguise; while no one wanted the outbreak to occur, it is now forcing African stakeholders to take action to increase investment in water and sanitation.

Against this backdrop, it is clear that firms such as Tile and Carpet – manufacturer of Top Tank, Kentank, Roto Moulders, and many other companies that lay emphasis on water and sanitation products are key in ensuring that our sanitation levels are top notch. Importantly, though, everyone ought to be conscious of their access to water and sanitation, as the government’s capacity to increase water infrastructure may fall short of the country’s needs. As such, take time to visit Equity Bank, to find out how they can finance you for your water and sanitation needs through maji loan and jamii safi loan products. Don’t be prone to Ebola and other water and sanitation related diseases.



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