Second Chances

Imagine how things would have been different if you had not made certain mistakes in life. But mistakes are always there, so better yet, try to imagine if you utilized every opportunity to correct the mistakes you made in the first place. Wouldn’t life be better that way? Well, guess what, second chances are always there for us to renew our lives, be better, correct the past. But are second chances a blessing or a curse to you?

Second chances go a long way in defining us. As a matter of fact, it’s a well-established fact that everybody makes mistakes, act in ways that are wrong according to the society’s outlook, and stand at the mercy of “second chances.” Second chances could be both a blessing and a curse. Second chances could be a blessing to those who exploit their opportunities for the better, to move on from their loss, to make up for the mistakes made, and get a novel grasp on life. Some will become better mentally and become of assistance to others who are at risk of the same plight. It’s helping others from succumbing to the loss, or from bestowing the loss on their lives. You never regard what you have as valuable until it’s lost due to errors. Having someone change their mind from a negative perspective to a positive one is a blessing and without second chances, there would never be any occasion to twinkle. Nor would there be the chance to make oneself better, to assist others, to change, or to become perceived or known as a great leader with great visions.

Second chances can also be a curse mainly in situations where a person who has been given a second chance sees it as an opportunity to perpetuate corrupt actions. Such people use second chances as opportunities to get out or way from quandaries or predicaments. It is as though such people are liberated only to devise schemes that will make them get away with corrupt or immoral actions in the future. Some can’t utilize second chances because they take steps needed to achieve full changes as too big to achieve. This is a clear demonstration of lack of self-worth. Others never learn from their initial mistakes, and they keep on doing the same wrong things over and over making second chances worthless.

While some regard additional chances as extra opportunities not to be caught again, others regard them as opportunities to turn a new leaf. There are myriad ways to turn a new leaf, and they are all worth exploring as people can lose so much by their mistakes: friends, family, jobs, feelings, support, assets, and much, much more. One has to evaluate him or herself first to find out what they want in life and what sort of person they want to become. Then, they can make initiatives to obtain their set goals. Patience, open-mindedness, and letting go off pride at times are needed in order to make it a success. Most importantly, one has to understand that people make mistakes, and it would be good to just move on. It does not help to dwell on the past or to stick to old atmospheres! Once there is a clear perception of what one can be without the influence of any factor or false hope, and then renewal is likelier to occur. All this can occur as a result of a second chance!.




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