Meeting Targets

I slumped back at the chair and groaned a bit, partly because of the boredom and partly due to the intricacy of the assignment before me. It had been barely a month since I was taken round my new workstation and introduced to workers who seemed to be highly enthusiastic that I was joining their team. The smiles were nowhere to be seen now. The only thing I could see clearly was the challenging task that lay ahead. I tried to comfort myself in the fact that I was one of the lucky ones in the now highly fluid market that was famous for anything but great employment opportunities. “Nonetheless, I must find a way around the challenge that lay ahead,” I told myself.

I took out my phone and dialed some few numbers before I settled down to type the password on the keyboard to the computer that had already gone through the booting process. The few calls that had come to my mind had given me ideas about what to do, at least for a short run. I had spoken to one of the officers working in another branch of the company I worked for, and his response was purely positive. I typed a few things on my schedule list to include what we had discussed with him over the phone, and I also turned on a reminder on my phone to notify me of the tentative schedule that we had setup.

My phone rang on that fateful Monday morning, and I hurriedly picked it to see if it was a call, text, or a reminder. I had become alert over the recent past and treated every phone call as a potential for business. Well, mostly it was just my boss calling to confirm if things were okay and to remind me to send my weekly reports. As I picked the phone, my memory was slowly unclouded, and I could remember the schedule we had made for marketing drives. I looked forward to Tuesday, for it was the day that I would unleash my marketing charm, and hopefully circumvent the huge challenge I had ahead of me; meeting my targets.



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