View Your Job Differently

Imagine doing what you love and getting rewarded handsomely for just that. Wouldn’t It be lovely? However, in reality, people do all sorts of jobs, most of which they hardly love, just to make a living. Every so often, employers can be heard saying, “You are lucky to be here. Many have applied for this position without success.” Why should we think of it that way? Sadly,  that notion often sinks to the bottom parts of our minds probably because landing a job may have been the culmination of a long and unnerving search for a job.

The universe is a living organism and natural system. Honestly, we all need an opportunity or a shot at what our Creator put us on the universe to accomplish. So the daunting notion “Know that you lucky to have a job, and be content” is not far from a demeaning insult not only to the person to who it is meant, but also to everyone and to everything that we invest out faith in. Surely, we are meant to have more than just a job that feeds us, buys us a TV to watch all the atrocities that take place on earth, take a leave once yearly, and then go to the grave. There has to be more to life than just that, and we can all leave a positive mark behind. We do not have to see things the way everyone does, but everyone can enjoy seeing things his or her own way.
We can make it in our professional atmospheres. A job is not meant to be a burden whose aim is to fund the better part of our lives. Instead, work, professions, and anything that helps us put food on the table ought to be the best parts of our lives. Drop the belief that making that extra effort to make your job interesting is asking for too much out of your job. Make your flame glow wherever you are and in whatever you do in your profession. It will make you feel like you can’t wait to serve your clients or talk to them and share new ideas with your colleagues.


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