Today’s Reading Habits

Reading habits have changed over the years. The trend is severely affected especially for young “tech –savvy” people. It is very rare these days to find young people burdening themselves with brown colored, hard covered books extracting information and updating their knowledge statuses. Rather, the trend is shifting to social networking sites (SNS). SNSs have taken most of people’s study, work, and even free time. Every so often, people turn to their smartphones while in study rooms, lecture rooms, waiting rooms, and while travelling. A few years back, people would have been seen flipping through the pages of a novel or a newspaper, or better yet struggling to decipher the content from huge scientific or psychosocial books. You don’t see that today.

Reading trends did not interest me much until recently when I shared an essay that had caught my eye. A friend who also happened to view it after I shared also propagated the piece of literature that was apparently funny to some and provocative to others. The response was instantaneous, and most of the people in my circle or my friend’s circle made comments on the SNS or through other means. It got me moved as I have been recommending books to people to read, and I have been engaging people in debates but the response was never like what I saw. I almost phoned a friend of mine who lectures to give him a proposition that he should probably be putting his lectures online – in an SNS – in order to get most of his students who have a phobia for books to read. But then I remembered that I can always write this article and post it on the SNS – he’ll probably come across it and implement my idea…




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