Increasing Your Creativity

The ability to conjure original ideas is essential in the production as well as other industries. As a result, many ask, “what can I do to raise my creativity?” Take a walk, jog, wash dishes, or do some gardening, I would advise. The subconscious mind continuously processes ideas as well as stimuli consciously. Others say that working on a problem just before going to sleep is the best thing as it allows the subconscious mind to take over. When you wake up, the problem seems simpler, and you can jot down all the ideas that the mind worked on while asleep.

One thing that we should all note is that there is no one way for generating novel and great ideas. What works for one person may not be pragmatic to another individual. Structure is a sure way for guiding creativity, but it presents as a stumbling block and poses as a key downfall to many. Inspiration, an essential underlying factor in creativity, is not measurable physically, and it is not tangible in any concrete manner. Although there are specific methods to generate ideas, the point remains that creativity is an immeasurable quality that can only be discerned by the attuned mind. It cannot be limited, and thus anything that puts sets limits cannot subsume creativity.

The creativity of a person is normally influenced by their standpoint on creativity. One sure way to raise creativity is to comprehend how we perceive the phenomenon itself and especially how it works out for each one of us. You cannot expect the same results or performance from a group of people you teach creativity. Everyone will come out with a unique perception. This seems obvious, but creativity is hardly taught in that manner.
Another essential point to consider is the fact that creativity is strongly connected to receptiveness to life and what is means to us. It implies being open to ourselves, about others, and to what is true. Creativity thrives well when people admit the truth about things to themselves and others. For example, it is always true that people are valuable. If I attempt to attain my goals by neglecting the feelings or rights of others, I deceive myself and cause my perception to be blurred. In turn, my creativity runs low as my lack of concern for others stands as a roadblock.



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