Month: July 2014

Meeting Targets

I slumped back at the chair and groaned a bit, partly because of the boredom and partly due to the intricacy of the assignment before me. It had been barely a month since I was taken round my new workstation and introduced to workers who seemed to be highly enthusiastic that I was joining their team. The smiles were nowhere to be seen now. The only thing I could see clearly was the challenging task that lay ahead. I tried to comfort myself in the fact that I was one of the lucky ones in the now highly fluid market that was famous for anything but great employment opportunities. “Nonetheless, I must find a way around the challenge that lay ahead,” I told myself.

I took out my phone and dialed some few numbers before I settled down to type the password on the keyboard to the computer that had already gone through the booting process. The few calls that had come to my mind had given me ideas about what to do, at least for a short run. I had spoken to one of the officers working in another branch of the company I worked for, and his response was purely positive. I typed a few things on my schedule list to include what we had discussed with him over the phone, and I also turned on a reminder on my phone to notify me of the tentative schedule that we had setup.

My phone rang on that fateful Monday morning, and I hurriedly picked it to see if it was a call, text, or a reminder. I had become alert over the recent past and treated every phone call as a potential for business. Well, mostly it was just my boss calling to confirm if things were okay and to remind me to send my weekly reports. As I picked the phone, my memory was slowly unclouded, and I could remember the schedule we had made for marketing drives. I looked forward to Tuesday, for it was the day that I would unleash my marketing charm, and hopefully circumvent the huge challenge I had ahead of me; meeting my targets.



View Your Job Differently

Imagine doing what you love and getting rewarded handsomely for just that. Wouldn’t It be lovely? However, in reality, people do all sorts of jobs, most of which they hardly love, just to make a living. Every so often, employers can be heard saying, “You are lucky to be here. Many have applied for this position without success.” Why should we think of it that way? Sadly,  that notion often sinks to the bottom parts of our minds probably because landing a job may have been the culmination of a long and unnerving search for a job.

The universe is a living organism and natural system. Honestly, we all need an opportunity or a shot at what our Creator put us on the universe to accomplish. So the daunting notion “Know that you lucky to have a job, and be content” is not far from a demeaning insult not only to the person to who it is meant, but also to everyone and to everything that we invest out faith in. Surely, we are meant to have more than just a job that feeds us, buys us a TV to watch all the atrocities that take place on earth, take a leave once yearly, and then go to the grave. There has to be more to life than just that, and we can all leave a positive mark behind. We do not have to see things the way everyone does, but everyone can enjoy seeing things his or her own way.
We can make it in our professional atmospheres. A job is not meant to be a burden whose aim is to fund the better part of our lives. Instead, work, professions, and anything that helps us put food on the table ought to be the best parts of our lives. Drop the belief that making that extra effort to make your job interesting is asking for too much out of your job. Make your flame glow wherever you are and in whatever you do in your profession. It will make you feel like you can’t wait to serve your clients or talk to them and share new ideas with your colleagues.

Mobile Phone Privacy Redefined

If you think of the 1900s, many things come into your mind but nothing that is intertwined with privacy issues will crop up. Technology at that time was at its infancy, and end-users had little to worry about their private or sensitive information. However, with the upsurge in technological advancements and the rampant diffusion of the Internet, privacy has become one of the biggest issues of the twenty-first century. There are numerous end-users who sit behind computer screens or hold hand-held devices that subject them to multiple vulnerabilities. Some find privacy vulnerabilities a way of making more money while others manipulate such information for their malicious gain.
Mobile phones have become the biggest menace when it comes to privacy issues. Sleek and sophisticated devices get stolen every other moment, and those who end up with them can access all sort of information that they carry. At times, the value and sensitivity of information that is lost or exposed after theft cases occur is more precious than the gadgets themselves. Users remain helpless, not knowing what to do to reduce the risk they face especially given that they can’t tell how bad the exposure could be. Still, other users crave for more privacy while using their mobile phones than any device, even a Blackberry, can ever give. From calls, to text messages, to email messages, some users desire for the ultimate privacy, but they have never gotten that, at least until recently.
The Blackphone, released recently by some Geeks from Spain could be the solution that twenty-first century end-users need. Users do not need to worry, unless otherwise, because if they own the phone, they can make encrypted calls, browse anonymously, and even text without compromising their privacy. It is the first retail-grade device to be designed solely for privacy. Its embedded technology makes it easy to secure digital assets regardless of in whose hands the smartphone is. Its automatic wipe-down technology in the event of a theft case is aimed at disabling the device permanently making it useless to the unauthorized owner and securing sensitive information. Well, there you have it; the Blackphone, securing your data.


Today’s Reading Habits

Reading habits have changed over the years. The trend is severely affected especially for young “tech –savvy” people. It is very rare these days to find young people burdening themselves with brown colored, hard covered books extracting information and updating their knowledge statuses. Rather, the trend is shifting to social networking sites (SNS). SNSs have taken most of people’s study, work, and even free time. Every so often, people turn to their smartphones while in study rooms, lecture rooms, waiting rooms, and while travelling. A few years back, people would have been seen flipping through the pages of a novel or a newspaper, or better yet struggling to decipher the content from huge scientific or psychosocial books. You don’t see that today.

Reading trends did not interest me much until recently when I shared an essay that had caught my eye. A friend who also happened to view it after I shared also propagated the piece of literature that was apparently funny to some and provocative to others. The response was instantaneous, and most of the people in my circle or my friend’s circle made comments on the SNS or through other means. It got me moved as I have been recommending books to people to read, and I have been engaging people in debates but the response was never like what I saw. I almost phoned a friend of mine who lectures to give him a proposition that he should probably be putting his lectures online – in an SNS – in order to get most of his students who have a phobia for books to read. But then I remembered that I can always write this article and post it on the SNS – he’ll probably come across it and implement my idea…



Increasing Your Creativity

The ability to conjure original ideas is essential in the production as well as other industries. As a result, many ask, “what can I do to raise my creativity?” Take a walk, jog, wash dishes, or do some gardening, I would advise. The subconscious mind continuously processes ideas as well as stimuli consciously. Others say that working on a problem just before going to sleep is the best thing as it allows the subconscious mind to take over. When you wake up, the problem seems simpler, and you can jot down all the ideas that the mind worked on while asleep.

One thing that we should all note is that there is no one way for generating novel and great ideas. What works for one person may not be pragmatic to another individual. Structure is a sure way for guiding creativity, but it presents as a stumbling block and poses as a key downfall to many. Inspiration, an essential underlying factor in creativity, is not measurable physically, and it is not tangible in any concrete manner. Although there are specific methods to generate ideas, the point remains that creativity is an immeasurable quality that can only be discerned by the attuned mind. It cannot be limited, and thus anything that puts sets limits cannot subsume creativity.

The creativity of a person is normally influenced by their standpoint on creativity. One sure way to raise creativity is to comprehend how we perceive the phenomenon itself and especially how it works out for each one of us. You cannot expect the same results or performance from a group of people you teach creativity. Everyone will come out with a unique perception. This seems obvious, but creativity is hardly taught in that manner.
Another essential point to consider is the fact that creativity is strongly connected to receptiveness to life and what is means to us. It implies being open to ourselves, about others, and to what is true. Creativity thrives well when people admit the truth about things to themselves and others. For example, it is always true that people are valuable. If I attempt to attain my goals by neglecting the feelings or rights of others, I deceive myself and cause my perception to be blurred. In turn, my creativity runs low as my lack of concern for others stands as a roadblock.


The Best Job in Kenya

We all work so hard to get an employment. To secure a blue collar job that assures us of a fat and timely pay slip. In fact, working so hard at school is not the only thing that we do to ensure that we get that dream job, or start off on the right path to our desired careers. In addition to class work, most of us ensure that they gain enough exposure through attachments and internship; I underwent through two attachments and a long internship to ensure that I was a desirable candidate in the eyes of Mr. Employer. However, “what is the best job in Kenya?” One may ask. Or what’s worth investing in when it comes to education? These are valuable questions that require the attention of anyone who is in their early teens or on the verge of shaping their careers. It is essential to consider these questions carefully as they will determine whether you will access the corner officer you dream of every day after college classes or you will spend the rest of your life applying for jobs and signing resignation letters.

A friend of mine recently told me that a friend of hers was back to books and was working donkey-hard to earn a Master’s degree so that he can secure enough votes to become a county head. So many people are rushing into politics now that devolution is here and a share of the national cake is more available to the lower county or community levels. But is being a politician desirable in Kenya? It is indeed. Because the payoff is great. All you need is five years in a good political seat and you can amass enough wealth to build a mini-empire of rental houses that will bring you passive income for the rest of your life. However, that is not a career that finds space during dinner discussions or in father-son career advice chats for obvious reasons. Politics has a bad track record. It is referred to as a dirty game, most of the people who top the list for hate speech are politicians, and ethics committees interlink most corruption cases with politics. So in my view, politics is not the best career in Kenya.

Those looking for jobs have for long seen the government as the desirable employer. Doctors, public health officers, nurses, accountants, and other professionals have sought slots in the public sector due to the well remunerated job ranks and fat allowances. However, over the recent past, top government officials have lamented the highly expensive workforce that leads to the expenditure of a huge percentage of the tax payers money. As a result, I would say, getting a job in the public sector, or even in the counties, has become hard, if not impossible. Those securing jobs are only employed through renewable contracts that are predominantly performance based. This has caused many to turn to the private sector for an opportunity to make a living. Non-Governmental Organizations were also popular but their popularity is slowly fading away as many lack grants or donor money to perpetuate their activities and remunerate their employees generously.

This then brings me to my conclusion; the best job in Kenya is that of entrepreneurship. Businesses are doing great and those who own or have huge management posts in big businesses have nothing to worry about when it comes to matters of putting bread on the table. In fact, the worry for some is how to handle the fame they get after gaining so much wealth, and, of course, how to spend the money. While ordinary professional-overly educated Kenyans go about a lot of hustle on a day to day basis on order to put food on the table, businessmen spend most of their time in meetings – most of which are done in fancy coffee shops or relaxation gardens – closing deals that will shake market indices. I want to be an entrepreneur, no doubt, and am starting off by being a freelancer. That is the best job in Kenya.