The Anger Sins


We are created to propagate love, but at times, we opt to dispense fury – anger is a manifestation of wrath. We get angry because of a myriad of things that take place all around us. And in today’s world, getting angry is almost commonplace. A day hardly goes by before one or two things make us mad. Thousands of hardworking, honest people are annoyed because their pension or savings have been cut down due to the avaricious dealings of big corporations. Others are outraged because they have been mistreated or even laid off from their occupation. Still others have lost a loved one. Many others are angry because of expensive, debilitating illness. One may perceive all these as logical reasons to spur fury.
The grand question that lingers in the minds of many Christians is: is getting angry a sin?
All through the bible, we find a handful of instances where men got angry. Cain, Esau, Jacob, Job, Moses, Levi, Balaam, Samson, Balak, Asa, David, Eliab, Jonah, Nebuchadnezzar, Herod, the inhabitants of Ephesus, the Pharisees, and the brother of the prodigal son all got angry at one point, the Bible reports. The Bible also records, in Exodus 32:10, and Psalms 7:11, the ire of God. The New Testament also records instances where Christ got angry (Mark 3:1-5, John 2:13-16, and Mathew 23:23-31.
So, is all the anger we experience today warranted, vindicated, or justifiable?
The book of proverbs perhaps provides us with proper guidance on that by calling those who can control their rage wise and those who cannot contain it fools (Proverbs 29:11). But does the bible imply that being a fool is being a sinner? Probably not. One thing is sure, though; getting angry is an enticement to commit sin. What people do after getting angry is what is of greater concern. If the will of our Heavenly Father is that we do not vent the anger in us, we need to assess the worth of the things that make us mad in the first place, and next, what the Lord wants us to do with the feelings of anger. Ephesians 4:26-27 elucidates what God wants: do not let the dusk come while you are still annoyed. We also have to be careful not to sin by nursing our grudges.
Could it be more clearer…..?


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