Simple Magics of Destressing

We all go through tiresome, perhaps stressful, times in our lives. The way we cope and deal with stress and tiredness is vital to our health.
Simply put, high levels of stress can cause unwanted health related issues. Continuous stress that goes without relief may lead to distress, a condition that occurs in reaction to negative stress (there can be positive stress). Distress is known to cause headaches, high blood pressure, stomach upsets, insomnia, hypersomnia, chest pain, and worsening of diseases or their symptoms. Stress becomes worse when people try to counter it by turning to drugs, alcohol, or even tobacco. Instead of turning down the stress meters, such actions usually increase stress.
So, what are some of the simple steps that you can use to relieve stress?
1. Breathe in, breathe deeply
Oxygen equals life, and using it to relieve stress is a good technique. Breathe in as deeply as you can as you count to eight (silently), pause the process for a heartbeat or even two, then exhale gradually as you repeat the act of counting. Repeat. This extremely simple technique is sure to leave you feeling invigorated, and it can actually enhance your memory.

2. Maintain proper posture and stretch.
Ergonomics, a branch of biology and engineering usually reiterates the importance of proper posture at places of work. Ensuring proper posture and stretching can actually assist in relieving pain, relaxing tired muscles, de-stressing, and re-energizing the body. In myriad wars, they are the cornerstone for general fitness. Try stretching and rolling your head while pulling the arms across the body. While doing this, ensure you are standing uprightly with your shoulders back and the stomach in.
3. Relieve stress with a daydream
You can ward stress off using nothing more than an imaginative mind. This method, also known as “creative visualization” assists you freshen up by focusing the mind on positive things that will invite the serenity and peace needed to conquer even the most daunting task. Try it, just imagine of an experience or a place that invites calm and happiness. Try remembering that one time when you felt at peace, or visualize a fictional event that would bring happiness to you….
Ok, pinch yourself now.



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