Everything is connected

Let me begin by saying that the world stands as an intricately connected yarn. The flowers, rocks, trees, animals, and everything you can imagine of is woven into this yarn. For every little thing that we do there is a counteraction and for every person who dies, a baby is born. Even the souls of men and women alive are entwined in one way or the other. We meet people in the weirdest circumstances, yet, several years later end up living with them for the rest of our lives. Science does not have any experimental finding to explain how people meet with each other in the most miraculous ways, or how they end up spending their lives together. We take energy to our bodies as we consume food and no single life be lost without reason. Drawing back to history, John F. Kennedy’s death seems to be presenting some important messages today despite the fact that the much-adored president died through an assassination decades ago.

John Kennedy is still present in the hearts and minds of the Americans 50 years after his death. Most of the people who celebrate him today were not even there at the time when he ruled or died. We just hear and read about his life and the tenets that made him an adored president. Scores who show up during the late presidents’ honoring ceremony show how respectable he was. The numbers usually keep growing till some of them have to be sent away. Watching the wonderful assemblage dressed smartly in honor draws one’s mind back to the times of the president. The unity of the nation back then was far much greater than it is today. The president, JKF, was ten times better than the presidents who rein in America today, Bush and Obama. If today any of them were to be assassinated, the response would not be as monstrous as it was back then. Today’s world is fraught with corruption and power struggles, unlike historic times. These ills emanated from the tragedy caused more than fifty years ago.

What then can equate to the assassination of John F. Kenney? Maybe the twin tower bombings that occurred on September 11, because all the repercussions and horror that descended on America that day stand similar to the John F. Kennedy’s killing. Not because the two tragedies had equal magnitude, but the response in the two situations was equivalent. Evidently, the twin tower bombings shook people as much as John F. Kennedy’s murder shook millions. The September 9/11 brought people from different parts of American together just like Kennedy’s murder did. The union that emanated from the disaster is a much-needed union that came at a time when Americans were heavily clouded with adversity and distrust. The best way Americans can honor John F. Kenney and the victims of the twin towers bombing is by rekindling their spirit and joining hands to chart the way forward. John F. Kennedy’s death opened people’s eyes as much as 9/11 did. The two tragedies depict that, indeed, “everything is connected,” as both tragedies help Americans to put their differences aside and come together.



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