Ego, Super-ego, and Id; Apple’s Ads

Freud’s interpretation of consumer behavior also presents important insights into factors affecting consumer behavior. Freud drew lines between conscious as well as unconscious factors of motivation. In his theory, Freud stated that all current thinking, as well as awareness, occurs in the conscious mind. On the other hand, he suggested that reminiscences, ideas, and important information lie in the preconscious mind. Things in the preconscious mind are normally unavailable for a person, although one might be aware of the things in this section of the mind. The latter section of the mind, according to the Freudian theory, is the source of a consumer’s motives and includes repressed material. Further, Freud highlit three forces that influence the interactions that define a person’s personality. The id demands gratification of all its desires and wishes, the ego directs and controls the operations of the id, while the superego acts as the judicial component of a person’s personality that seeks to align a person’s behavior with the norms of society.

Apple’s advertisements take advantage of consumer’s ego to impact its product’s demand. People perceive electronics as the center of identity and culture causing electronic products to gain wide popularity. Apple has created a sense in their consumers such that they are constantly obsesses with new releases after certain periods. With time, Apple’s products became a symbol of status in the society. Consumers go for iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Mac Air because of their perceived image and ability to increase a person’s status. Advertisements encourage consumers to go for products that will fill their need for wealth and fancy products. This means that customers give a lot of attention to new technologies such as Apple’s products and are willing to pay for products that have a good reputation. For instance, Apple promotes its products as elitist brands. In addition to that, Ego makes consumers approach these products differently from other products such as groceries.


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