Celebrity Endorsement in Ads

Several studies have compared the impact of third party inclusion, celebrity endorsement of products, and celebrities in advertisements. Endorsements from third party companies present practical usefulness to companies. His experiments showed that endorsements from other parties resulted in considerably greater perceptions of products among consumers. Chan and his colleagues presented findings that showed that consumers could recall advertisements that considered celebrities better than regular advertisements. Some of the attributes of celebrities that enhanced the memory of consumers were the attractiveness, expressiveness, and humor. Further, consumers identify with the congruence, image, and reputation of celebrities in adverts. Most of the consumers participating in that research reported the inclusion of celebrities in advertisements as important. However, companies have to use endorsers who have a good image to influence consumers positively.

apple 2apple 1

Apple has not been common with celebrity endorsements in its advertisements. However, recently, one of its advertisements has featured songstress Zoey Deschanel and highly regarded actor, Samuel L. Jackson to promote Siri’s capabilities. The advertisements are sweet, short, and non-dramatic depictions of Deschanel and Jackson ordering Siri while pretending to carry out activities as normal “every day” folks. The advertisement follows with a statement: “normal people do extraordinary things with Apple’s Siri.” The advertisements are simple, but because Apple uses celebrities, they become unique. Apple allows its products depict their strength. Siri is one of the best of the iPhone advertisements – Jackson and Deschanel act supporting roles and are barely there to relate with the phone.


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