My Wake Up Alarm

Some nights I over sleep. Others I wake up way before it’s required. Interestingly, though, sometimes I wake up without my alarm – physical alarm. The nights that I go to sleep with an intent in my mind to rise up at a particular time are different. The following morning, I automatically gain consciousness thirty minutes to one hour before my intended wake up time. And so I have come to a conclusion that there is a biological clock that controls all that . A biological clock that can remind me that I need to wake up and goes ahead to do that in time. Coincidentally, am right, as scientists acknowledge the existence of a hormone known as adrenocorticotropin produced by the body to combat stress during the day and prompt people to wake up. I also know of the sleep hormome that is equally understood by scientists as the sleep hormone. Production of the former hormone reduces levels of the latter. And voila, the alarm rings, biologically, beckoning us to wake up and attend to our daily activities. In the future, I would love to know how to tune my biological clock to make it more reliable.


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