Nokia X: Great Idea, Poor Lockdown Mechanism

Nokia X smartphone running on Android will not come with Google Play Store access or any of its more than one million apps. The idea behind all this is to differentiate the new Nokia while ripping benefits such as wooing developers and attracting users. The new entrant in the Android arena runs on Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The Jelly Bean (4.1.2.) version is one of the recent ones, but it looks different on Nokia as the developer has included a few modifications. For this reason, the developers claim that standard Android apps will work in the phone without any changes.
The app approach employed by Nokia embraces the ubiquitous nature of the renowned ecosystem of Android. Nokia will engage third party and side load developers to give users the same tools and games offered by Google Play Store. I like this strategy and app developer might like it too. So, if the problem behind Nokia’s sluggish sales was lack of developers for its apps, then it should gain gigantic steps and close in on the gap between its sales and those of say Samsung Galaxy or IPhone. Nokia’s develop relations’ head, Amit Patel, presented the new Nokia’s code – Similar code base, different consumer base – stating that it will appeal to developers.
I wish Nokia the best, particularly because it was my preferred phone back in the days when Symbian was closely associated with smartphones. Back in the days when BlackBerry was still rocking – it still has some market presence. But Risto Siilasma ought to know that the Android playground isn’t an innocuous field. The arena is full of hackers and rumor has it that geeks have already succeeded to crack it and gain Nokia X’s root access. This means that the upbeat Nokia managers have to think of other ways to lock their devices from Google Play Store and woo developers at the same time. While the idea is great, the lockdown isn’t too heavy. I do not mind much because I love the simplicity that comes with Google Play Store and so does everyone who uses the Android platform.


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