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Simple Magics of Destressing

We all go through tiresome, perhaps stressful, times in our lives. The way we cope and deal with stress and tiredness is vital to our health.
Simply put, high levels of stress can cause unwanted health related issues. Continuous stress that goes without relief may lead to distress, a condition that occurs in reaction to negative stress (there can be positive stress). Distress is known to cause headaches, high blood pressure, stomach upsets, insomnia, hypersomnia, chest pain, and worsening of diseases or their symptoms. Stress becomes worse when people try to counter it by turning to drugs, alcohol, or even tobacco. Instead of turning down the stress meters, such actions usually increase stress.
So, what are some of the simple steps that you can use to relieve stress?
1. Breathe in, breathe deeply
Oxygen equals life, and using it to relieve stress is a good technique. Breathe in as deeply as you can as you count to eight (silently), pause the process for a heartbeat or even two, then exhale gradually as you repeat the act of counting. Repeat. This extremely simple technique is sure to leave you feeling invigorated, and it can actually enhance your memory.

2. Maintain proper posture and stretch.
Ergonomics, a branch of biology and engineering usually reiterates the importance of proper posture at places of work. Ensuring proper posture and stretching can actually assist in relieving pain, relaxing tired muscles, de-stressing, and re-energizing the body. In myriad wars, they are the cornerstone for general fitness. Try stretching and rolling your head while pulling the arms across the body. While doing this, ensure you are standing uprightly with your shoulders back and the stomach in.
3. Relieve stress with a daydream
You can ward stress off using nothing more than an imaginative mind. This method, also known as “creative visualization” assists you freshen up by focusing the mind on positive things that will invite the serenity and peace needed to conquer even the most daunting task. Try it, just imagine of an experience or a place that invites calm and happiness. Try remembering that one time when you felt at peace, or visualize a fictional event that would bring happiness to you….
Ok, pinch yourself now.



Programming on the Toilet

Eat. Sleep. Code.

It’s 5PM. I’ve been working on the same code for hours, grinding out an implementation one line at a time. It’s been a torturous process. Some days, code just naturally flows from my brain to my fingertips. This is not one of those days.

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When properly p…

When properly prepared, olives, like nuts, supply the place of butter and flesh meats. The oil, as eaten in the olive, is far preferable to animal oil or fat. It serves as a laxative. Its use will be found beneficial to consumptives, and it is healing to an inflamed, irritated stomach.

Ministry of Healing, The (Kindle Location 18446744073709551615).

Everything is connected

Let me begin by saying that the world stands as an intricately connected yarn. The flowers, rocks, trees, animals, and everything you can imagine of is woven into this yarn. For every little thing that we do there is a counteraction and for every person who dies, a baby is born. Even the souls of men and women alive are entwined in one way or the other. We meet people in the weirdest circumstances, yet, several years later end up living with them for the rest of our lives. Science does not have any experimental finding to explain how people meet with each other in the most miraculous ways, or how they end up spending their lives together. We take energy to our bodies as we consume food and no single life be lost without reason. Drawing back to history, John F. Kennedy’s death seems to be presenting some important messages today despite the fact that the much-adored president died through an assassination decades ago.

John Kennedy is still present in the hearts and minds of the Americans 50 years after his death. Most of the people who celebrate him today were not even there at the time when he ruled or died. We just hear and read about his life and the tenets that made him an adored president. Scores who show up during the late presidents’ honoring ceremony show how respectable he was. The numbers usually keep growing till some of them have to be sent away. Watching the wonderful assemblage dressed smartly in honor draws one’s mind back to the times of the president. The unity of the nation back then was far much greater than it is today. The president, JKF, was ten times better than the presidents who rein in America today, Bush and Obama. If today any of them were to be assassinated, the response would not be as monstrous as it was back then. Today’s world is fraught with corruption and power struggles, unlike historic times. These ills emanated from the tragedy caused more than fifty years ago.

What then can equate to the assassination of John F. Kenney? Maybe the twin tower bombings that occurred on September 11, because all the repercussions and horror that descended on America that day stand similar to the John F. Kennedy’s killing. Not because the two tragedies had equal magnitude, but the response in the two situations was equivalent. Evidently, the twin tower bombings shook people as much as John F. Kennedy’s murder shook millions. The September 9/11 brought people from different parts of American together just like Kennedy’s murder did. The union that emanated from the disaster is a much-needed union that came at a time when Americans were heavily clouded with adversity and distrust. The best way Americans can honor John F. Kenney and the victims of the twin towers bombing is by rekindling their spirit and joining hands to chart the way forward. John F. Kennedy’s death opened people’s eyes as much as 9/11 did. The two tragedies depict that, indeed, “everything is connected,” as both tragedies help Americans to put their differences aside and come together.


Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Imagine waking up one morning to your dream job. You have been searching for a job for too long now. Then one day, a friend calls asking whether you are near town or not. Knowing that he is working in a reputable organization and could easily link you with the human resource, you quickly answer – yes – smiling widely as though he could see the joy that is now painted all over your face. Well, this was me, and I hurriedly prepared for the appointment that I had just secured. This was it, I thought. I have been looking for a job for too long, and today, my prayers, yes, my fervent prayers were finally paying off, I thought. Funny enough, I felt sick in my throat that there was something fishy about this whole meeting at the Intercontinental Hotel, a prestigious place that I had only set eyes on from afar until that day. True to my fears, it was another Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme. My trust levels went down crushingly, and my hopes turned into something else. But wait, what is wrong with MLM?

I sat down gingerly and the man on the other side of the table rushed to introduce himself to me as my friend fiddled with his humongous phone, but I think he was taking a call. By the time my friend was done attending to his phone, or the call that had come on it, we were no longer strangers with my friend’s friend. The man asked me, after my friend had wittingly excused himself citing he was rushing to another meeting that he was already late for, if I took coffee or tea and if I took coffee how I liked my it prepared. The guy went ahead to prepare an Organo Gold cup of coffee for me anyway, despite my concerted effort, of course in a gentle manner, to air that I neither take coffee nor tea – seriously I don’t. That is when I confirmed my fears, it was one of those pyramid schemes and the man was an MLMer.

The conversation was ready to kick off, well, OG coffee was on the table and it looked like a professional business meeting. The prelude subsumed past experiences and my new friend explained how he had made it in life amid the peer influence that paralleled his life at campus. In every statement that he made, he mentioned something about a dream. He keenly stated how he had seen everywhere he went as too little to match his dreams. He had quit international jobs and flagged down gold-coated opportunities along the way. Finally, he had come to find out about Organo Gold products and the Multi-Level Marketing that could turn him into the millionaire that he always dreamt of becoming. Now he could see Organo Gold matching his dreams.

After I showed signs of uneasiness, as though I was getting late for some meeting, he quickly changed the course of the stories and started hitting the nail on the head. By that time, two other guests had joined us. Another tall and stout-looking man had also come to the seat next to us – he seemed to be listening to the stories, but at the same time busied himself with his smartphone. I listened keenly as the MLMer talked about how Organo Gold products had cured his ulcers and allergies. He went on further to praise the products’ abilities to cure cancer, help people lose weight, and assure longevity. All this, he said, is because of a component called Ganoderma. The marketing session was almost through, at least I thought it was, as the gentleman had flipped to the end of the brochure he had been using all this while. Then, the tall man joined the talk in a spirited manner confirming my fears that he was also an MLMer.

Apparently, there are levels in MLM and this tall guy was at sapphire level. He started off strongly asking who would have love to continue earning, what he called passive income, despite having quit or retired. The answer was yes from everyone. He then went ahead to state that if you are dependent and keep on working for someone your whole life, you are being leveraged. He jumped from one jargon to another displaying his marketing know-how. I have to admit, I was really impressed. I was. “You mean that MLM has really gathered a whole novel approach?” I mumbled to myself. I actually perceived everything he was explaining one big discombobulated matrix network that will ensure you are salaried so long as you are living. Finally, the talks ended and the marketers asked 20$ upfront before any of us could start journeying down the boulevard to success. At that instant, I connected the MLM with the infamous pyramid schemes. I do not want to add anything else to show you whether MLMs are right or wrong, because I hope that you have been reading in between the lines. MLMs will systematically dwindle…with time and most of my fears about this get-rich-quick scheme will be turned inside out.


Ego, Super-ego, and Id; Apple’s Ads

Freud’s interpretation of consumer behavior also presents important insights into factors affecting consumer behavior. Freud drew lines between conscious as well as unconscious factors of motivation. In his theory, Freud stated that all current thinking, as well as awareness, occurs in the conscious mind. On the other hand, he suggested that reminiscences, ideas, and important information lie in the preconscious mind. Things in the preconscious mind are normally unavailable for a person, although one might be aware of the things in this section of the mind. The latter section of the mind, according to the Freudian theory, is the source of a consumer’s motives and includes repressed material. Further, Freud highlit three forces that influence the interactions that define a person’s personality. The id demands gratification of all its desires and wishes, the ego directs and controls the operations of the id, while the superego acts as the judicial component of a person’s personality that seeks to align a person’s behavior with the norms of society.

Apple’s advertisements take advantage of consumer’s ego to impact its product’s demand. People perceive electronics as the center of identity and culture causing electronic products to gain wide popularity. Apple has created a sense in their consumers such that they are constantly obsesses with new releases after certain periods. With time, Apple’s products became a symbol of status in the society. Consumers go for iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Mac Air because of their perceived image and ability to increase a person’s status. Advertisements encourage consumers to go for products that will fill their need for wealth and fancy products. This means that customers give a lot of attention to new technologies such as Apple’s products and are willing to pay for products that have a good reputation. For instance, Apple promotes its products as elitist brands. In addition to that, Ego makes consumers approach these products differently from other products such as groceries.

Celebrity Endorsement in Ads

Several studies have compared the impact of third party inclusion, celebrity endorsement of products, and celebrities in advertisements. Endorsements from third party companies present practical usefulness to companies. His experiments showed that endorsements from other parties resulted in considerably greater perceptions of products among consumers. Chan and his colleagues presented findings that showed that consumers could recall advertisements that considered celebrities better than regular advertisements. Some of the attributes of celebrities that enhanced the memory of consumers were the attractiveness, expressiveness, and humor. Further, consumers identify with the congruence, image, and reputation of celebrities in adverts. Most of the consumers participating in that research reported the inclusion of celebrities in advertisements as important. However, companies have to use endorsers who have a good image to influence consumers positively.

apple 2apple 1

Apple has not been common with celebrity endorsements in its advertisements. However, recently, one of its advertisements has featured songstress Zoey Deschanel and highly regarded actor, Samuel L. Jackson to promote Siri’s capabilities. The advertisements are sweet, short, and non-dramatic depictions of Deschanel and Jackson ordering Siri while pretending to carry out activities as normal “every day” folks. The advertisement follows with a statement: “normal people do extraordinary things with Apple’s Siri.” The advertisements are simple, but because Apple uses celebrities, they become unique. Apple allows its products depict their strength. Siri is one of the best of the iPhone advertisements – Jackson and Deschanel act supporting roles and are barely there to relate with the phone.

Vehicle Safety

Improving the safety of vehicles is an important strategy in mitigating national and international road casualties. Vehicle safety subsumes the safety of all those who use the road. In addressing this worldwide concern, those involved look at various things.
The first area of concern when it comes to vehicle safety is vehicle design. This is key to a safe road and traffic system, as it connects vehicles, users, and road environments. Vehicle design considers the physical and behavioral limitations of users thereby addressing myriad risks that can lead to crash involvement. Over the ages, vehicle engineering has brought several measures on board to help users avoid accidents and to protect users from injury following an accident.
The second area of concern in vehicle safety is policy development. Road safety is an international issue. Therefore, there is need for International cooperation and agreements on road safety initiatives. Regional unions should be able to develop harmonized regulations if they are to reduce accidents on the roads significantly, especially for buses and trucks that carry out International business.

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My Wake Up Alarm

Some nights I over sleep. Others I wake up way before it’s required. Interestingly, though, sometimes I wake up without my alarm – physical alarm. The nights that I go to sleep with an intent in my mind to rise up at a particular time are different. The following morning, I automatically gain consciousness thirty minutes to one hour before my intended wake up time. And so I have come to a conclusion that there is a biological clock that controls all that . A biological clock that can remind me that I need to wake up and goes ahead to do that in time. Coincidentally, am right, as scientists acknowledge the existence of a hormone known as adrenocorticotropin produced by the body to combat stress during the day and prompt people to wake up. I also know of the sleep hormome that is equally understood by scientists as the sleep hormone. Production of the former hormone reduces levels of the latter. And voila, the alarm rings, biologically, beckoning us to wake up and attend to our daily activities. In the future, I would love to know how to tune my biological clock to make it more reliable.


Friends are great. What’s a day without your best friend around like? Boring, right? I’d say that if someone was to take the best of my friends away from my life, they would leave me discombobulated. Who would I share, confide, and joke with? Certainly not strangers. For this reason, I strive to make friends new friends in new lands while maintaining old ones.


You will agree with me that teamwork is impossible if it lacks friendship. Departments have to cooperate. Team members have to put aside any differences and embrace organizational goals for them to succeed. Even in a diversified workforce, differences have to be set aside. Friendship stands as the definitive  factor. And this is because, behind all the ties, suits, big titles, and qualifications, we are all emotional beings who have to give and receive love.