The Sound of Silence

The most obvious response to an insult would be an insult. Critics usually go round and round battling through words. Debates, arguments, and fights have one thing in common – competing parties. However, these are not the only ways to pass messages and ideas. There is a different, probably better, way of dealing with issues. People expect complaints, particularly when they know they have done something wrong to someone. Committees, executives, and other prominent professionals engage in thorough exchange of words. Meetings last for hours and others can take almost a whole day. It sure takes time for debaters to come to a consensus.

However, not every situation needs this activity to spur productivity or to pass a point. Some situations call for calm. Picture a hospital ward, a chapel, or any other place that commands respect. The precincts are always silent. Think of how we make friends, we don’t show how well we can debate on the first day. We don’t. We try to act as calm as we can be. Silence has power. It is loud. I have heard myriad people saying  they need a friend’s company more than the conversations that may crop up while hanging out. Silence is loud. Think of the last time you kept quiet for a long time. Eventually, calls started trickling. Unless you switched numbers. Silence ends arguments. It invites second thought, and even third and fourth thought. For this reason, I don’t argue, debate, or fight much. I just shut up and scream silently.



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