Traveling is enthralling. It sure was for William Hazlitt.  He is remembered for stating that he would have loved to spend the entirety of his life traveling only if he could borrow another life to spend with his family at home. Many people travel. Some to reach their destination while others to enjoy the journey itself. Regardless of the reason, everyone longs to see a new world and explore an unseen destination. For tourists, it doesn’t matter where the destination is, they would love to go there.

Airplanes are good, and they will take you to your destination faster than you can imagine. However, for tourists, this means missed adventures. They’d rather travel by train, or any other slower means that are available. Half the happiness, they say, is from the actual journey, and when they go down roads, tracks, or boulevards for the first time, they enjoy the journey inexpressibly. Planes make real travelers feel impersonal because of myriad things ranging from busy staff to heightened security measures that exist at airports. Trains and vehicles aren’t like that. There is no sense of urgency involved in a bus or train station. People working at either train or bus stations are friendly and are not overly busy with innumerable things. Trains and buses are comfortable and do not seem to possess all the tight measures associated with planes. They allow travelers to stop for snacks and short rests; there is nothing to cause worry. Travelers sit and enjoy endless terrains, or so they seem. Buses and trains give passengers something planes rob from travelers: the ability to sit and just think with nothing bugging their minds.

Destinations. They leave memories to travelers. Even those who do not have Sony Cyber-shot or Nixon Coolpix. They all get to remember that place. That place that proved hardest to get to or that took endless ages to reach. They always remember where they had their best laughs, tasted novel dishes, or met amazing people. When it comes to destinations, every place has its own magic. Travelers will always have something to remember a destination for, whether it is the most developed corner of England or the most impoverished desert of Africa. Making discoveries of foreign locations is simply invigorating. The first time travelers see certain monuments they regard them as breathtaking. They ride on wheels, row in boats, dance, jump, hug, shower in streams, and do all sorts of things that may be otherwise be crazy to non-travelers. Lights from cameras flicker as they record panoramas. It is simply unforgettable for travelers. Indeed, traveling brings about amazing and unforgettable experiences.

My life has been full of traveling. I have amassed great experience from both the journeys I have made and the destinations I have ended up in. Still, like Hazlitt, I wish I could have another lifetime to spend at home with friends and family. Travelers wish for that one thing: to spend as much time as home as they spend in foreign lands.



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