We all want to live long or die old, or never die (if that is possible). In addition to that, we wish that if we life for long, or even an average life, our lives will not be full of strife such as diseases or even pain. We can achieve our wishes, improve the quality and quantity of lives we live, by assessing the habits of some of the longest-lived humans on earth. It is also noteworthy that the longest-lived humans are not the richest, or don’t come from the coziest homes, but are humble and principled. They respect natural laws and do not drive their bodies to extreme ends. The areas that have been home to some of the longest living people include Okinawa (a very remote island in Japan). Interestingly, Okinawa and two other islands are among the top five areas under study by scientists curious to uncover longevity secrets. Luckily, you don’t have to go the long-lives blue zone pockets to find out what secrets are behind a long well lived life, because I am going to discuss them to the best of my ability.

Okinawa, an archipelago located around 580 kilometers off Japan’s coast, is home to some of the world’s renowned centenarians. These people have the best life expectancy humans for humans in the world as well as the highest life expectancy. Myriad studies assessing the factors underlying human longevity in Okinawa agree on two things: genetic factors and lifestyle play a huge role in human longevity. Genetics, well, genetics is beyond our control, so let us look at lifestyle. Okinawan lifestyle ensures the people living there are healthy enough even in their old age. The theory of free radicals, one of the most common theories of aging, postulates that free radicals, which emanate food metabolism, cause damage to DNA, tissues, and the body as a whole. With time, the damage builds up, and like machines, we break down. Okinawan traditions enable Okinawans to maintain low levels of radicals in their body. These people manage to do this magic to their body through simple things such as regular exercise, healthy diet, avoidance of tobacco or smoking, BP control, management of stress, and psychospiritual outlook.

Loma Linda, a small community of Seventh Day Adventists in California, is considered as another Blue Zone. This religious group reports life expectancy rates that are relatively higher than those of regular Americans are. This ardent Adventist community focuses on healthful living habits such as vegetarianism, temperance, and warn against the use of tea, coffee, smoking, and alcohol. Besides this, Adventists drink plenty of fluids, eat high quantities of nuts, exercise frequently, and try to regulate weight gain. They nurture their spiritual as well as emotional health, prize volunteering, and value family ties or relationships. Excess or gluttony, even of good things, can cause detrimental harms to the body, and the Loma Linda community takes this to be a rule of the thumb. The amazing Adventist health diet encourages eating heavy breakfast. It also encourages taking foods with little or no refined or empty calories. In the place of meat, the diet encourages taking a lot of vegetables and fruits. Loma Linda Adventists also take foods with very little fats and resist from eating in between meals. Finally, they encourage plenty of exercises.

It is not much, but it counts, and in this case, the figures could mean years. Years that are well lived. Years of health. Vegetarian diets, exercise, plenty of water are considered essential for the well being of the chronically afflicted. Raw vegan recipes are constantly finding their way into kitchens and those who make a solid decision to follow such diets to the letter have to give their stoves to their neighbors. These concepts are not new. Thousands have followed them and added life to their days and days to their lives. However, if you feel like these concepts are new, don’t hesitate to enroll for a course at Google and do some random research. Image


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