Cyber Ratting and Fake WAPs

The term “ratting” is gaining popularity all over the world for all the wrong reasons. No, it is not related to murine rodents in any way. Instead, the term emanates from Remote Administration Tool and refers to the cyber-attacks that take advantage of a victim’s webcam. Ratting actually gets further than just that. Hackers, through the aggressive malware – Remote Administration Tool, can get access to the entire computer of a victim. What’s more, ratters can attack computers that don’t even have webcams. Attackers can see everything in your machine from files, archived passwords to typing histories. These are the last category of people you want to give unmitigated access to your computer. The case is even worse if the slave, another name for a victim, is a female, given that the most distinctive feature of Ratting is the ability to control webcams. Although modern laptops blink while the webcam is in use, ratters have developed a way to disable this notification and access to computers silently.

If you think that ratting is the worst form of hacking that we have today, you are misled. Hackers can also gain unmerited access to your PC by posing their laptops as counterfeit Wireless Access Points. Hackers can use a wireless network card and some software to publicize their PCs as available WAPs that then connects to a legitimate access point in some public place. Think how much you often try to connect to access points that appear on your device’s available list in some airport, coffee shop, or even public gathering. We all want free wireless, but that could come at a high cost at times. Hackers who call their fake WAP legit names have all sorts of people trying to access them. Once connected, hackers can then access unprotected data that is conveyed from the unwitting to the remote hosts that the hackers intend. Hackers misuse the information they get to access Emails, Facebook, and other important accounts belonging to victims. The victims may never get to know who did what or when it happened.

So there you have it, question is, what should you do to prevent these things?Image


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