Android or Windows?

The song has always been about Android, iOS, Blackberry, and, recently, Windows, when it comes to phones. Consumers truly have a lot to weigh when it comes to choosing the best OS for their mobile phones. Some, however, and it’s sad to say, just buy whatever is available. Well, you have got to choose what is best for you, at least if you have the money to play around with and make a few decisions that are independent of financial status. You have to consider if the pixels, processing power, RAM, internal space, and supported apps truly serve you or regrets will follow shortly after leaving that shop.

Let us begin by looking at Android. What are the pros and cons? Why should I or shouldn’t I go for Android? Well, it is the most famous OS world over. Even the lowliest paid person on earth can afford a handset that runs on one or the other older versions of Android. Android-based handsets simply suit the wallet. This has led to widespread support and myriad apps for Android phones. Every possible app you can think of is available in Google Play. What’s more, you can purchase movies and music using Android phones from various sources. The level of customization offered by Android, both to hardware manufacturers and end users is high. Not all devices that run on the OS are the same. However, the mere popularity of the devices means that consumers can get accessories and third party apps quite easily. Importantly, the ‘Android experience’ has gotten better with every update release. It is now highly intuitive, good looking, and it has a wide range of variety.

Android’s open source OS comes in various versions: ice cream, froyo, and jelly bean. The system is developed by a huge community of programmers who are devoted to releasing new and friendly applications into Google Play on a daily basis. The code keeps the developers hooked and devoted. Google had over 700,000 apps in 2012, competing closely with Apple, which was also bragging of the same number in its store. At this point, I just have to compare what Windows has managed to accumulate in its store, some 200,000 apps. Only. So in terms of software, Android is leading. However, vulnerabilities are high because of the high number of apps. In fact, some claim that Android is leading the race towards the wrong direction. Critics also suggest that Android stands as the most vulnerable OS to mobile malware. If that is a threat or not, I will you to decide.

By now you already know that Windows has an uphill task before it can beat Android, or even iOS, at least in terms of apps and software sleekness. However, it will not be fair to leave it at that, because the PC tech giant is not doing badly when it comes to hardware, especially considering that Nokia develops its hardware exclusively for Windows, not Android, or iOS. The latest Lumia, 1020, has a quad-core processor, good screen, and quite frankly the best camera that worries Google and Apple. Interestingly, Windows has a big AMOLED screen that is further furnished with Nokia’s Clear-Black technology leaving the phone to stand out above the rest. I think you are now seeing where my phone analysis and opinion poll are leaning. Lumia 1520 is dazzling compared to 1020. The best thing about Lumia, that leaves Android to be runners up is the fact that the phone won’t slow down or require you to keep on clearing the cache and list of previously running apps for it to be fast. In fact, Lumia will not even drain your battery for leaving apps running in the background. Without saying much, Windows, ahem, Lumia is greater than Android, but it needs to do more to woo developers to develop Windows-based apps. Till then, let me keep juggling with my not too fast phone that supports too many apps.




  1. In no ways Lumias’ (Nokia) are better than Androids’, (lets take Samsung Galaxy S4 or Samsung Galaxy Note 3). Shortage of apps is huge compared with android os and generally speaking windows phone os is in BETA state at the moment. They need A LOT OF HARD WORK in order to give at least a very small competition to Google.

      1. At the moment, I’m completely confused what’s on the mind of Nokia and Microsoft. Nokia, with Elop in front, chose itself to sell to Microsoft a couple of years ago. Now, Microsoft bought them and…. NOKIA, according to the latest rumours, will launch a phone with Android OS!!!

      2. It’s a strange situation. At first they are with Microsoft, now they are going (according to rumours) to launch a smartphone (or a feature phone) with Android OS!!! Sounds strange to me.

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