The North Isn’t that Bad

The media houses in Kenya are known for delivering good, timely, and trustworthy news to us. However,  I have never understood why they never show the good side of Turkana, or any other part of Northern Kenya for that matter. They always highlight how hard hunger has brought the people to their knees. They ensure that they film kids with bare chests and evident ribs protruding on their emaciated skin. This isn’t good. It is not  good for investors or for people who have been called to work in this area. I do admit that the conditions in this place are deplorable. But hey, the county has  good houses. It has schools, hospitals, football fields, hotels, and even a state-of-the-art inter-county airport. I took photos recently of several places, and I keep on changing my wallpaper from one to the other as they woo me with the scenery looks and serene environment. Schools in Turkana are beautiful too. I visited one school, and I almost challenged the recent reports that rank the county as the leading region in illiteracy. Look at this…Image

This is a university right here. Have you ever seen that in the media? I bet never.


Yep, you guessed right. Another  school. Better than some that you find in big cities.


And yeah. Scenes as beautiful as this do exist.


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