Maintaining Your PC While in Hot Areas

Hot areas such as Turkana call for extra knowledge on computer maintenance. Turkana is hot and your computer is bound to protest too. Laptops or any computer for that matter can get hot leading to several things from slow performance to serious damage. I bet you have experienced overly high temperatures on your machine, especially if you have been on it the whole day. Whether or not you have noticed, it is essential to make sure that the computer is not straining, and danger signs do not result in actual danger. Some simple and cheap measures will keep your running without any worries.

It is highly unlikely that you will not be using your computer for gaming or intensive work that demand your machine to operate at high performance settings. Therefore, adjust your power settings from “high performance” to “power saver” or another balanced mode. This will instruct the computer to engage on a lower gear and reduce the speed of the processor. You can switch back to high processing power through the power settings when in need.  Moreover, you can also customize these settings to suit your needs. Be advised that changing power plans may affect performance and consumption of power. For instance, increasing the brightness of the screen will lead to high power consumption.

Clean the vents of the laptop’s cooling system from time to time. Hot regions such as Turkana are also full of dust. Dust can block or fill the fan vents of your machine. Dust blowers come in handy and will help you solve this issue with ease. If the temperatures still bar you from maximizing the potential of your computer by now, you should consider buying a cooling pad that comes with a fan or two. Some laptop pads that are fitted with vents but can also help in cooling off the laptop by increasing airflow. In addition to that, they are highly portable. However, if you want maximum benefits, go for laptop fan cooling pads. I was contemplating on buying Belkin F5L055, but my paycheck wasn’t ready yet. Maybe next time.

Turkana women examine photos of a festival rehearsal on a laptop in Loiyangaleni, Kenya.



  1. When using your PHONE or LAPTOP, its good we get very great and technical advice like this one, through this we will know how to manage our machines like phones and PCs

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