Feed the hungry

It is that time of the year again. The country’s food silos are low on food reserve. The marginal areas are more than low of anything that can fill the stomach. More animals, both small and large stock are finding their way to people’s plates. The media, of course, is now generating more stories than ever and using hard but persuasive language to drive Kenyans into feeling compassion for the hungry. Nation media, for instance, has been airing a series of documentaries and news items dubbed horrendous names aimed at depicting the worst that is yet to happen. I don’t blame them; they want news.

I can bet that requests from Red Cross will follow with mantras such as ‘we are one’ – unless, of course, they do not want to get enormous contributions like the one that was there following the Westgate incidence. But this is even bigger. Unlike the terror attack that brought this country to its knees, however, the Turkana issue and other areas struck by hunger can be prevented. Modern day Samaritans should  not expect to get some man bitten by thieves and left for dead by some road side. Instead, they can and should chip in to situations such as this.

A donation a day will keep a child alive. It will also stop the countless streams of disturbing news clip that are currently employing extra journalists to document.  And we are all obligated to Disciple the hungered. Or don’t you know that the Lord will send you away on that great day when He calls the roll up yonder if you never gave Him food by feeding the hungry ? Sit back, but don’t relax till the hungry people in Turkana have some carbohydrates, proteins, and even vitamins on their plates.



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