Preparing for the North (part one)

Traveling North is not the same as going to other places, local or international. The deadening excursion from Nairobi, or any part of the world to Turkana requires thorough preparation. Usually, travelers flying to international destinations have to prepare physically and mentally before their journey begins. Otherwise, one would be so tired and stressed that he or she would need some days or even a week to recover from the consequences of unpreparedness. Jet lag and stiff muscles are common to those who travel by air. Instead, I am wrting to road travelers. I am doing this to enlighten you on how to gear up for the not-so smooth lengthy-some journey that will leave you craving to go back home.  However, if you follow my advice carefully, this will not have to be the case. You will be ready for work as soon as you have showered and changed the clothes that will have soiled due to the dusty road.

The road

Road 2 Turkana

Do not be in a rush. Traveling to any marginalized will need some good time on the road. Ensure you carry out extensive research before embarking on the trip. Traveling to Turkana calls for the same. Ensure you have a list of the vehicles that are available on that route and how much they cost. You are lucky because I will give you some of that information here. Well, four major bus companies ply from Kitale to Lokichogio. Although the bus will proceed further north after getting to Lodwar, the town stands as the biggest on this route. Most travelers prefer Dayah Express because of its reliability, but it is the most expensive. Eldoret Express, on the other hand, charges cheaper than its biggest competitor, Dayah Express does. Mvumilivu Safaris is an upcoming bus line and does not have extensive experience in the route. Sabre Star is the worst bus you can ever travel with on this route. However, because of its poor services, unpresentable appearance, and unreliable services, it is always available as an emergency bus when you are running late.

The buses


dayah 2

Dress well. Turkana is hot, and so are the environs. While traveling, you will only need to be warm halfway through the journey. Throughout the rest of the journey, the general temperatures will dictate your dressing. Besides the temperature concerns, you need to dress comfortably. Do not dress white. The road is excessively dusty that JIK will not be able to whiten your clothes again. Consider clothes that will absorb your sweat because there will be too much of perspiring. Stretchy clothes are actually the best. They blend a practical approach with comfort. They will also not show that you slept in them. Open shoes might help you with swelling problems if you have any. Ensure that you have extra clothes for changing, in the event that stopping over at some hotel becomes a necessity, especially with the onset of night travel bans. Overall, be prepared to do a thorough cleaning once you get to the destination. There is plenty of water.



  1. Is the situation still the same in terms of Transport? What is the fare and how many buses are servicing your route? Do you pay the same amount on your way back? Thank you for the information you provide here. Very useful.

    1. The situation is more or less the same. However, the government has plans to tarmack the road. But how long will that take? Long! The fare is usually high during peak seasons and it fluctuates around the given figures. There are three major bus companies in the route which are Dayah Express, Eldoret Express, and Sabre Express. Other companies are intermittent and they are never consistent.

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