What do you get from social sites?

The list of social sites is ever growing as days go by. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Blauk, Flixster, Instagram, Jaiku, Nexopia, etc. Social apps and websites exist for every imaginable cause. Some are for meeting new friends, while others are for posting photos. Some social sites also offer their members with a good opportunity to blog. You probably have more than 10 different identities if the details used in social sites are anything to go by. I have many accounts myself. Some I have forgotten usernames while others I don’t even have a clue what the password is anymore. Despite that, I am always persuaded to open a new social site every day. Last week, I registered my details on some social site so that I could have access to research articles. I got the research and now I can’t remember my login details anymore. So my prime question today is: what do we get from these sites?

Since we all spend time on these social sites, it then follows that the interaction, information, and communication that takes place on these platforms influences us. Many articles feature social networks and posit that they have business value or cause behavioral influence. People have found jobs through social applications and sites while others have lost their employment contracts. Companies seem to take social networks seriously as they get important insight and trends from their high traffic and analysis. It is common to come across advertisements on social networks these days. In fact, I recently stopped frequenting Facebook because of the overabundant advertisements that keep me distracted long enough to cause me to forget about my work. Marketers are finding social platforms a safe haven where they can market their products. Well, bloggers are also making a killing by attracting followers and consequently appealing to companies who want to increase their leads. I am sure you now see how deep and tangled the web can be.

My interest, however, is not how you can land a new job, increase sales, meet new people, or communicate flawlessly with them. I interested in the hidden benefits, or demerits. We are living in hard times, filled with economic strife and highly devastating events that cause emotional turmoil and physiological distress. Some of us live alone and are clouded with loneliness. Devastating events surround us, and we don’t stop questioning why they have happened to us. So where do we run to when we are bundled with problems? Hospitals corridors fill with patients who need treatment for diseases they could have easily avoided or managed. Counseling is becoming an important profession by the day. We lack peace within ourselves because of problems from our environment.

My advice: when life seems to be fast-paced and you seem to be losing track, pause and bounce back to one of the social platforms. It does not have to be your favorite. You see, doctors provide various diagnosis to solve chief complaints from their clients. I am also recommending various interaction with myriad social networks depending on the prevailing situation. Posting photos on a social network say Instagram draws attention and generates comments making you happy. Seeing yourself on the web will generally make you happy. Try to be lively on social networks and monitor your health trends. Well, sometimes it may prove hard. Credible sources associate social networks with lowered risks of cardiovascular diseases improved mental health, and lower mortality rates. So, next time you visit twitter, Facebook, or Google+, know that you stand to benefit.




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