The Android Experience

I switched to a basic phone today in the place of my sophisticated android powered smartphone. I found it to be quite hectic. In fact, I couldn’t function normally without my small, powerful gadget that runs on android 4.0.4. The frustration began barely some minutes after arriving at work. I could not access some of my numbers because my contacts are either saved in my Google account or the phone’s memory. I also have to admit that switching back to a phone with hard keypads was a challenge. By 10 am, I had gone without replying a couple of SMSs owing to the hard-to-type multi-tap keyboard that I have stayed without using for years. I missed the sleek menu that comes with my phone, which I also refer to as my digital companion.

Android smartphones have revolutionized the lives of many, not just mine. It is common to find young people glued to small, sleek devices that are running on one or the other form of the android operating system. Ardent android users are always on the lookout for updates that will add new features to their android phones. The recent announcement of android 5.0 has caused massive exhilaration among many. Those who tout android as a preferable operating system to iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows 8 are saving in preparation for the first device that will enter the market with android 5.0 to be announced. I am also earnestly and anxiously waiting for this mammoth operating system that can engulf in a physically small electronic device. I am willing to purchase the first device that will meet my eye with android 5.0 – be it HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, or even Tecno.

Come evening, I hurriedly left work. I couldn’t wait to have my SIM card back into where it rightfully belongs – behind my sleek android phone. When my android finally powered, I felt some changes in my mind, heart, hands, and the whole body. My fingers started browsing the menu briskly, and I stopped once or twice, not sure which app to open first and which one to leave for later. I had not read my daily verse, so I started with Daily bible app. I then proceeded to setting a new record in racing after opening the Fast racing app. Facebook, oh, how I had missed commenting on my favorite stories with ease. Ten minutes with my android and I am wondering whether I am a victim of technology overload. Evidently, spending a day without my smartphone, my android, and my personal digital partner (PAP) seem a lot like hell than staying for a week without watching TV, or a movie, or spending time with a buddy I like.Image



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