Prayer Warriors

True Christians define prayer as a way of having communion with the creator – God. Christians are able to experience a relationship with the creator. Prayer is as important to spiritual growth and knowing God as eating parallels a healthy body. The frequency and quality of our prayers, therefore, dictates the relationship we have with God. Prayer amounts to talking and listening to go God while enjoying His presence. Prayer takes many forms – for instance: confession, worship, intercessory, thanksgiving, petition, and waiting (sensing, silent, and listening of God). Many consider prayer to be an important part of their daily lives. However, most people who claim to consider prayer an important part of their lives miss the point of what sincere prayer actually is. Additionally, although many claim to pray, few acknowledge and depend on prayer as their lifeblood.

A prayer warrior is anyone who can commit to frequent and heartfelt prayers alone or in the company of others. Prayer warriors put the needs of other people before their own needs and can even pray for strangers. Actually, we all need to be prayer warriors for our petitions to be answered. However, most of us present wish lists before God that exhibit our selfishness and the uncaring attitudes we have towards others. This is Satan’s scheme to make Christians think that they are spending quality time in prayer. The world we are in desperately needs our prayers – prayers that are not selfish in nature. Our collective and incessant utterance of prayers can work miracles in any situation, but above all declares and spreads God’s glory.

The Bible is full of lessons, examples, and wise counsel concerning prayer. From Genesis to Revelation, instances, requests, and merits of prayer are presented in the most elaborate manner. Most, most of us still don’t pray the right way or don’t pray at all. The power of prayer is illustrated in Genesis 20:7 where Abraham had to pray to God so as Abimelech could continue living. God also shows that prayer is pertinent for us to receive forgiveness. In fact, some of our petitions to God never get answers because we sin and fail to turn back to God for forgiveness. God states that if people called by His name humble themselves, turn from sinful ways, and seek His face, He is ready to forgive them and bless their land (2 Chronicles 7:14). When what we do is according to the will of God, our prayers receive answers quicker than when we plunge ourselves in sin. A servant sent by God’s faithful servant, Abraham, had his prayer answered before he could even finish it (Genesis 24:45).

The New Testament elaborates what prayer warriors ought to consider and ensure in their supplications. For prayers to be acceptable before God, they have to be offered with fear, reverence, and a deep sense of man’s insignificance as mere creatures that have plunged into sin. In addition to that, prayer warriors ought to have earnest importunity and unhesitant submission to the will of God. Sincere hearts filled with faith are key whenever servants of God are drawing closers to Him in prayer (Hebrews 10:22). A person who does not offer prayers backed by faith in God does not qualify to the title “prayer warrior.” God truly hears and answers prayers (Mathew 7:7, 8). So long as we call unto God through Jesus Christ, our prayers will always receive a response (John 14:13, 14).


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